Corridor of Highway PR-323

Sponsored Concession for the operation of the PR-323 Corridor, comprising the services of duplication, operation, maintenance, conservation and implementation of improvements. Contract 21/2014 DER/PR was signed in September 2014, between the State of Paraná, on behalf of the Paraná Highways Department (DER/PR) and concessionaire Rota das Fronteiras S.A.

The Concessions Managing Council, in a meeting held in May 2017, resolved to abide by the opinions of the State Attorney General (protocols 14.056.812-0, 14.044.862-1 and 14.056.804-0), deciding to the DER/PR the termination of the Contract 021/2014 DER/PR.

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This resolution was reiterated at a meeting held on September 1, 2017, according to the 9th CGC Meeting Minute.

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