Vehicle Yards

The Vehicle Yards project began in July 2019 in request of the State Traffic Department (Detran/PR) to the State Secretariat of Planning to conduct the preparation of studies to allow the concession of the vehicle yards that are currently under the state administration.

Currently, Detran is responsible for the entire administrative process of yards where vehicles seized by the Military Police are deposited. However, the situation is critical due to overcrowding.

The project's objectives are to decrease irregular vehicles in circulation, improve the quality of the yard's management, speed up the process of serving citizens with seized vehicles and speed up the execution of vehicle auctions.

In August 2019, in a meeting of the Partnership Program Council of Paraná, the inclusion of the proposal in the Partnership Program was authorized and currently the Regional Development Bank of the Far South (BRDE) is conducting the feasibility studies of the project.

2nd CPAR Ordinary Meeting Minute