Paraná Partnerships Program Managing Unit (UGPAR)

Under Law 1953/2019, the State Secretariat of Planning and Structural Projects (SEPL) will act as the PAR's Management Unit, through its Coordination of Concessions and Partnerships, having among the attributions established in the Decree:

  • Receive and analyze projects and partnership proposals prior to CPAR deliberations;
  • Identify and induce potential projects and partnership with entities of the Public Administration, private individuals and legal entities, as well as external bodies;
  • Coordinate and advise unit sectors in the preparation, bidding and contracting studies;
  • Sign management contracts, agreements or cooperation agreements with indirect entities of the Public Administration or external bodies for project structuring purposes;
  • Hire specialized services to structure and validate the partnership project;
  • Prepare and conduct the Expression of Interest Procedures (EPI);
  • Monitor the implementation of the partnership contracts, along with the respective responsible public entities.





Ana Graciele Skrepka Brunetto || - (41) 3313-6325

Conrad Moraes Roesel | - (41) 3313-6198

Gabriela Becker Domingues | - (41) 3313-6809

Pedro Paulo Guerreiro Carneiro | - (41) 3313-6302

Roberto Carlos Evencio de Oliveira da Silva | - (41) 3313-6302


Address: Secretaria do Planejamento e Projetos Estruturantes - SEPL – Palácio das Araucárias - 4th floor
Telephone: 3313-6302