Paraná Partnerships Program Council (CPAR)

The Paraná Partnerships Program Council (CPAR) is a consultative, normative and deliberative collegiate body that directly advises the Governor of the State of Paraná on the inclusion and tracking of projects of the Paraná Partnerships Program (PAR). Its purpose is to develop and implement partnership projects within the scope of the State Public Administration.

The CPAR is composed of the Chief of Staff; State Secretaries of Planning, Finance and Administration; President Director of the State funding agency (Fomento Paraná) and 3 specialists appointed by the Governor.

Main responsibilities of CPAR, foreseen in Law 1953/2019:

  • Deliberate partnership proposals and projects submitted to approve their inclusion in the PAR;
  • Monitor PAR’s implementation;
  • Establish guidelines on behalf of public services to be performed through partnerships;
  • Deliberate on ways of structuring and executing partnership projects;
  • Deliberate on strategic aspects of technical, economic and financial modeling for bidding and contracting purposes;
  • Deliberate on changes, revisions, terminations, extensions or renewal of partnership contracts.


Complete regulation in the Decree 1953/2019