In order to benefit concessions and public-private partnerships, the State of Paraná intends to institutionalize a management model to regulate and coordinate the whole process, assimilating experiences in Brazil and worldwide, providing the accumulation of knowledge obtained in the development and implementation processes of the model in accordance to the state’s characteristics and traits.

PAR’s objectives:

  • Ensure the efficient development of privatization projects and partnerships within the State of Paraná;
  • Ensure an efficient, responsible and transparent governance in privatization projects and partnerships;
  • Provide an institutional environment conducive to investment attraction and public-private partnerships, of minimum state intervention and supported by legal and regulatory safety and stability;
  • Promote public-private interactions to expand business and investment opportunities in entities of the public administration in order to enhance state services and enable the development of relevant public ventures;
  • Advise regulatory agencies and the state government in the construction of long-term regulatory policies for the development and implementation of partnerships within regulated sectors.