Expression of Interest Procedure

The Expression of Interest Procedure (EIP), is an instrument designed to disclose the Public Administration’s interest in obtaining subsidies of private initiative to consolidate partnerships. Its purpose is to gather feasibility studies, surveys, investigations, data, technical information, projects or opinions from market stakeholders for public-private partnerships (PPP) and projects of common concession.

The EIP can be induced by the Public Administration or originate from an expression of interest of the private initiative, pursuant to Law 1953/2019. It is responsibility of PAR’s Management Unit to conduct the public call of the EIP, prepare the public notice and term of reference, grant authorizations, as well as receive and analyze the respective studies.

The viability studies, technical information or projects can be used, fully or partially, in the preparation of public notices, contracts and other documents related to the partnership to be held. Participating in the EIP will not prevent the participation of those interested in future biddings promoted by the public entity. The interested parties will be responsible for the financial costs and other burdens that arise from their expression of interest and, unless stated otherwise, will not be entitled to any kind of compensation.

The legal entity under private law interested in submitting an EIP proposal can forward it to PAR's Management Unit for preliminary assessments and verification of compliance requirements established in article 20 of Law 1953/2019.